Speaking from Experience, from the Heart

Enjoy Jean-Guy’s hilarious anecdotes and genuine stories while he shares his guidance on making it through what you’re living now. Gift your organization 30 years of experience in a pretty (entertaining) package.

Practical advice.

You don’t get to running an accounting practice with over 80 employees in 8 offices without a few scratches and countless tests from the School of Hard Knocks.

If there’s one thing Jean-Guy loves to do, it’s talking. And he’s worth a listen. Speaking from extensive life and business experience, he has knowledge, case studies, and anecdotes on everything related to practice management and business.

He knows how to start a business, the pros and cons of hiring, how to create an exceptional organizational culture, how to negotiate with fee-sensitive clients, why value billing is best, the magic in marketing, using timesheets effectively, and has the answers to many other real-life issues practice owners face every day.

And he’s willing to share; in English and French.

Humble origins. Big growth.

Many great companies began behind a garage door. Jean-Guy founded his first business, Talbot & Associates, in his basement. In those early days, Jean-Guy’s biggest dream was to grow the accounting firm to one full-time employee. Now the firm has seven offices across Manitoba and nearly 60 full-time team members.

As a practice owner, Jean-Guy faced many challenges that he overcame with perseverance and the help of a great mentor. Over the years, he became passionate about practice management. Jean-Guy attended conferences in the United States, read books by great leaders like Simon Sinek and Napoleon Hill, and committed to learning everything he could about the topic. Then he found what worked and what didn’t, and developed ideas of his own.

Apart from being a revered FCPA, FCGA, and empathetic CEO, Jean-Guy also mentored several practice owners through the same issues he had encountered. Along the way he discovered proven methods to grow a business, hire the right team, and achieve work-life balance while turning a great profit; which gave him an idea for his second business, RêveNew Practice Management (RPM).

RPM is a consulting company that helps practice owners work less, make more profit, and live more fulfilled lives. Through seemingly counterintuitive advice, Jean-Guy has helped businesses understand his unique business philosophy and helped them double, triple, and quadruple their profits, just as his mentor did for him. Now he’s a keynote speaker who shares his knowledge and 30 years of experience running a successful business with audiences nation-wide.

From an organizer view.

Katie Griffin is the Director of Business Development & Adagio Channels at Softrak Systems. As the organizer of the Adagio Opportunity Conference (2019) Katie hand-selected Jean-Guy to speak to a group in Ottawa.


Jean-Guy had what seemed to be an effortless connection with our niche audience with his Business Success Workshop. Faced with a room full of self-employed accounting software professionals, Jean-Guy had everyone nodding their heads, participating with questions and conversation that enlightened these already seasoned professionals. Jean-Guy was able to teach the audience that they could indeed increase the profitability of their business with his successfully proven philosophies.

I personally am beyond pleased to recommend Jean-Guy as a distinguished, knowledgeable and generous professional, who shares many of the same business views as we have here at Softrak.

Katie G.


It is with great pleasure that I provide this testimonial for Jean-Guy Talbot for his wonderful contribution to our Adagio Opportunity Conference in 2018.
We approached Jean-Guy after hearing him present at another event where we were in attendance and it was immediately agreed upon by myself and my executive team that Jean-Guy would be a great addition to our annual event.

Not only was Jean-Guy very easy to work with in preparing for our event, but he was incredibly well received by our audience, but indeed a pleasant surprise to have as much positive feedback received from our delegates as we did.

I look forward to continuing to have Jean-Guy as an annual speaker for our conference and further am very proud to call him an esteemed professional colleague.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further affirmation that you are making the right choice in engaging Jean-Guy Talbot for whatever business needs you may have.

Katie G.

Thomson Reuters

We were lucky to have Jean-Guy Talbot at our SYNERGY Canada Conference this year to deliver his Practice Management workshop for our clients. He’s engaging, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable.

Jean-Guy was able to provide clear, actionable tips on how to better manage their practice using DT Practice.
More importantly, his advice is much more practical than theoretical, so many of his strategies can be implemented quickly for immediate value for virtually any firm.

Sylvain F.


It was practical, based on a lot of hands-on experience and no-holds-barred, which I really appreciated, and very useful, and covered a lot of topics that are not readily available. I think he also dispels a few conventional myths.
The information would be useful in varying degrees, for virtually all of our members.

From an attendee view.

Jean-Guy's charismatic on-stage presence, practical knowledge, extensive experience, and openness make him the ideal presenter for audiences seeking real-life advice and fresh delivery.

More than 80% rate Jean-Guy's presentation Excellent, Very good and Good.

IPBC attendee – Negotiating Presentation

Jean-Guy focused on key negotiating tools + a quick case study – all in one hour!

IPBC attendee – Negotiating Presentation

This is something I wasn’t ever taught, and that’s why I attended the session.
Jean-Guy included an exercise which engaged everyone in the room, and had surprising results.
Great learning experience!

Ethan R

Well worth the time.
Massive Value delivered!

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #06

I am going back with many ideas and will start implementing within the next few weeks.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #26

This is an area I especially have trouble with so found it very helpful.

Barbara S

Lots of great information in a short time.

IPBC attendee – Tax Tips & Traps for Bookkeepers Presentation

Wish the session was longer. Great speaker, topic was engaging and informative.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #05

This was the most useful course I took in 30 years to deal with practice management.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #17

All sessions relevant to improving my practice.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #25

Very good presentation. Excellent information and fantastic presenter.
The personal touch that Jean-Guy adds to the presentation is excellent.

World Trade Centre seminar attendee

The whole thing was SO good. I seriously cannot believe the World Trade Centre puts this on for free – so many business people need to hear what you are talking about.

Darlene L

Excellent presentation with lots of good points.

IPBC attendee – Negotiating Presentation

WOW!!! I could have spent the whole seminar listening to Jean-Guy…
PLEASE have him as a presenter as the next IPBC conference

IPBC attendee – Negotiating Presentation

Interesting and good to know things about how to negotiate.
I will be learning more about them!

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #21

No other events like it!

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #03

After the first day, I already felt that it was worth my time and money.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #04

Energetic and authentic! Jean-guy and his team put on an amazing production that every practitioner should be a part of, young or old.

IPBC attendee – Negotiating Presentation

Jean-Guy is hilarious! I love the way he is so matter-of-fact in getting his point across.
An excellent speaker! Thank you!!

IPBC attendee – Tax Tips & Traps for Bookkeepers Presentation

LOVED this speaker!
Please have him back again!!!

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #10

Many great contacts were made as well as the great tips learned for practice management.

IPBC attendee – Tax Tips & Traps for Bookkeepers Presentation

Jean-Guy was an engaging and excellent speaker. The topics were relevant and he was able to navigate through some tricky (because of CRA) subjects, giving us lots to think about. Very helpful!

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #09

Excellent topics! Open minded discussions with other practitioners sharing experiences and challenges.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #24

Loved the presentation.
Very practical and the information was valuable.

IPBC attendee – Tax Tips & Traps for Bookkeepers Presentation

Too bad all tax seminars aren’t as engaging get as this one!
I loved his approach- easy to listen to.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #19

Good practical information. Shared from experience and with the knowledge of someone who under­stands what I need to do.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #27

Provided useful examples for me to try to apply to my practice.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #11

There was so much great and valuable experience for practitioners learned at this event.
I can’t wait to see what I will learn next year as well as how much I will have grown my practice moving forward.
Thank you for everything.

IPBC attendee – Tax Tips & Traps for Bookkeepers Presentation

Best session I’ve ever attended.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #18

Very worthwhile conference.
A lot of useful insight and information.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #23

The focus was on practice management and it helped that several other firms who have the same issues were also in attendance.

Renate W

Really enjoyed this.
Thank you for the practical advice.

World Trade Centre seminar attendee

I’d love to take the next session you plan to do either for WTC or any other organization – any one of the number of topics would be interesting and applicable. You even got an, “I like this guy” from my husband who was listening in. …that’s impressive.

Cheryl D

Presenter was fun and engaging!

IPBC attendee – Negotiating Presentation

What an engaging speaker!

Gabrielle A

Loved it!
Jean-Guy is so enjoyable and knowledgeable.

IPBC attendee

Excellent session and presenter.
Bring him back again and again – his willingness to share actual knowledge and experience with specific issues is priceless.
Great sense of humour

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #07

The whole event was entirely unique to any other conference I’ve been to.
A full three days of useful information.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #13

Professionally run, excellent presenters and valuable information left me of the opinion that time and money was well spent!
Thank you.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #15

The event was very informative.
Things you don’t think of or thought of but need help how to start and complete.
Key speakers very energetic and motivating that make you revved up.
We hope this event continues for many years to come.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #16

Great event, lots of practical and useful information.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #12

For small and/or growing practitioners, this conference was fantastic in providing and opportunity to hear how others are running their practice while learning excellent techniques and best practices from the presenters.

IPBC attendee

Too bad all tax seminars aren’t as engaging as this one!
I loved his approach-easy to listen to.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #20

No tax and accounting courses. Keep going – it was amazing!

Judy T

Such a great speaker, very knowledgeable in the subject.

IPBC attendee – Tax Tips & Traps for Bookkeepers Presentation

Very engaging, animated somewhat which is ok, you can tell he’s passionate about what he does.

IPBC attendee – Negotiating Presentation

Excellent. Handy take-home advice.

IPBC attendee – Negotiating Presentation

Very Dynamic presenter – love the energy, and attitude!

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #01

I found the conference to be both inspirational and transformational.
I left the event filled with confi­dence and determined to apply a host of new ideas to my own practice.

IPBC attendee – Tax Tips & Traps for Bookkeepers Presentation

Excellent session and presenter. Bring him back again and again – his willingness to share actual knowledge and experience with specific issues is priceless. Great sense of humour and very adept facilitator – repeated participant questions so all could hear, good materials.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #02

Was a great first year for Rev Up Your Practice for Practice Management conference.
Will definitely be back next year.

Rev Up Your Practice 2019 #08

This conference has been the best one I’ve yet attended.
Every session was directly related to issues I face in my practice.
Jean-Guy’s enthusiasm, energy, and genuine desire to help us improve our practices is wonderful.

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